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Intense weekend, with two concerts of Morgan, attended by Olga and Irina.

Change of program for the concert at the chapel of Kerprovost: Siian, unwell, had to postpone her performance; we shall reschedule the Morgan-Siian duo very soon.

ADV 7523 1280 854Corinne Grandgeorges - chapelle de Kerprovost 20 mai 2022

Thanks to Corinne Grandgeorges, the Kerprovost chapel welcomed 75 people last Friday.

The yellow and blue flag was flying over the site when Olga opened Morgan's concert with a poem in Ukrainian by Lessia Oukraїnka, "Contra spem spero - Hope against hope."

Thoughts away, you heavy clouds of autumn!
For now springtime comes, agleam with gold!
Shall thus in grief and wailing for ill-fortune
All the tale of my young years be told?
No, I want to smile through tears and weeping.,
Sing my songs where evil holds its sway,
Hopeless, a steadfast hope forever keeping,
I want to live! You thoughts of grief, away!
On poor sad fallow land unused to tilling
I'll sow blossoms, brilliant in hue,
I'll sow blossoms where the frost lies, chilling,
I'll pour bitter tears on them as due.

And those burning tears shall melt, dissolving
All that mighty crust of ice away.
Maybe blossoms will come up, unfolding
Singing springtime too for me, some day.
Up the flinty steep and craggy mountain
A weighty ponderous boulder I shall raise,
And bearing this dread burden, a resounding
Song I'll sing, a song of joyous praise.
In the long dark ever-viewless night-time
Not one instant shall I close my eyes,
I'll seek ever for the star to guide me,
She that reigns bright mistress of dark skies.
Yes, I'll smile, indeed, through tears and weeping
Sing my songs where evil holds its sway,
Hopeless, a steadfast hope forever keeping,
I shall live! You thoughts of grief, away.

Lessia Oukraїnka, Translated by Vera Rich

ADV 7485 960

Accompanied on the harp or a capella, Morgan's repertoire builds a stirring bond between the West (Celtic) and the East (Slavic).

thumb ADV 7494 960ADV 7512 960

Enregistrements en Audio 3D (binaural)

A écouter au casque

A wonderful evening, highly emotional, with some ringing boudmo!, the first sales of Viera and Tola's CD and a fundraising of nearly 1,000 euros.

ADV 7542 960

A doggy nod towards Fidèle, Olga's dog, which remained in the Ardennes.

ADV 7501 960

On Saturday, Morgan presented her new album, Bliadhna Na Broc (Year of the badger), at the Fabrique à paroles in Paimpol during the BAM festival.

The organizing association L'image qui parle chose to donate the proceeds of the evening (500 euros) to Boudmo! Patricia Le Calvez, lady of the house, had come to the 2008 artistic residency in Volodarka for a photographic work with the teenagers.

A warm thank-you!

LIQP 960Vidéogramme, Christian Lameul

With the previous concerts, particularly those by Morgan and Tara in the Brest area, nearly 4,000 euros have been collected. This money will be put to good use very soon.


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