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Between the Chernobyl area and the founders of the organization Boudmo!, created 36 years after the nuclear disaster right in the middle of the war, bonds have been formed over the past 15 years. Deep human connections grew with the renewed visits of artists, coming to convey the exceptional yet daily post-disaster reality through words, pictures and sounds.

The friendships woven over the years of meetings and dialogue were brutally shaken by the Russian invasion. The vulnerable zone of the accident and its resources of humanity is now subject to yet another disaster, new dangers and more destruction, confirming man's proclivity to blindly destroy what he has erected.

In order to effectively support the inhabitants of this area, an official structure was necessary to ensure that our funds would meet their needs in a safe and sustainable way. The contributions of each and every one of us, and the involvement of the artists who have already begun to share their talents for the benefit of our project, will make this possible.

While it is obviously urgent to take action, the surge towards the population of Chernobyl is not something that started recently and Boudmo! wishes to extend it further.

This site is launched on April 26, as it should be. The follow-up is on its way...

Anne Amor

Rudnia IR-102
Photo: PR