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Pascal Rueff

Rudnia 2.0

In October 2014, Pascal Rueff went for the 10th time to the southwest sector of the zone contaminated by the Chernobyl accident, a place that was monitored but not closed. Equipped with an authorization to circulate there, he takes around a hundred panoramas in infrared light: a filter blocks visible light in front of the lens to allow only the infrared range to pass through. The result is a more or less monochrome translation of these landscapes of which nothing indicates the danger: human beings do not feel the radioactivity.

This series of images gave rise to the Rudnia 2.0 exhibition in 2015, to illustrate the ambiguous status of these “mandatory decline” zones.

Posters 42x30 cm

Infrared captures in the contaminated zone of Chernobyl, October 2014, Pascal Rueff.

Price: €25 each.

Reproduction rights granted for humanitarian purposes to the Boudmo association! by the Agence du Verbe, limited edition, any other reproduction rights prohibited.

About the Author

Pascal Rueff is an audio director, author and photographer; he has been visiting the Chernobyl region since 2006; he produced three shows and two exhibitions based on these experiences, co-organized the Tchernobserv artist residencies with Morgan Touzé and created the online media Radio-Tchernobyl (; he is co-founder and vice-president of the Boudmo association and has remained in close contact with his Ukrainian friends since the start of the Russian invasion.

Olga said: “in the event of war, I will take refuge in the Chernobyl zone”. In reality, Russian soldiers passed through there on their way to Kyiv in February 2022 and mined the region as they fled.


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