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On David Crolle's initiative, the craftsmen-artists of Pontrieux have turned The Great Wash, performed on previous years' events, into Art at the Washing Place.

The event used to consist in presenting the foot-bridge users with bed sheets and paint. This time, the resulting creations were exhibited at the Eiffel Tower of Pontrieux for a whole week and put on sale. All proceeds were donated to Ukraine. Meanwhile, the craftsmen-artists of Pontrieux offered their own works for auction and also organized a raffle.

It all ended with a drink and a prize giving ceremony on the following Sunday.

547 euros were given to Boudmo! and we thank them with all our heart!

Contributors: Maryse Jacq, Julien Lannou, Aline Elophe, Alain Lejeune, Laurence Maillard, David Crolle, Sophie Zina'o, Isabelle Jollyi, Céline Saunier et Freya Recksiek.

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